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Corey Safran resigned from the Board of Directors on October 17, 2018. His resignation has been accepted by the Board.  Rosemary L. Christensen, President.


Rosemary L. Christensen: President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ms. Christensen was appointed Secretary-Treasurer of O.T. in March of 1987 and became President of the Corporation upon the death of the co-founder, James W. Hess, in July of 2009.  Ms. Christensen graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1964, a Bachelor of Civil Law in 1967; and in 1968 was called to the Quebec Bar.

After working for a film tax shelter company, Ms. Christensen, in 1972, founded The Somerville House Corporation that became a pioneer in motion picture syndication in Canada.  The films financed include “The Odessa File”, “Rabid”, “Highballin’”, “Conduct Unbecoming” as well as TV Specials such as “George Burns in Concert”. She also formed a specialized brokerage firm, Somerville House Securities Ltd., designed to market tax advantaged investments, mutual funds, investment contracts and also to participate in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. 

Ms. Christensen also participated in the production and distribution of “certified” Canadian productions and did form a company, Somerville House Management Ltd. to administer the various Somerville investments; today it manages O.T.


Pierre-Yves Le Dilicocq: CEO

Appointed C.E.O. in November of 2014. Mr. Le Dilicocq obtained a Baccalaureat degree at the French Lycee in London, majoring in mathematics, chemistry and physics and graduated with several degrees from Lille University (France).

From 1991 through 1994, he was a director and an officer of Ecudor Rouyn-Noranda Mining Corporation. In 1992 he was nominated Vice-President of F.C. Hume & Company Ltd., an engineering firm with two resident technologies – super cold treatment of metals and hydro-carbon de-pollution by bio-agents.

In 1994 he became Vice-President of Cryogain and brought the cryogenic treatment of metals to production. Since 1998, Mr. Le Dilicocq has worked on technical projects including dirigeable applications, emergency brake systems for articulated vehicles, horizontal wind powered generators.  


Arthur W. Seligman: Director since 1991

Mr. Seligman graduated from Montclair University magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975.  Mr. Seligman joined Petroleum Development Corporation (“PDC”) as director of sales and marketing in 1984.  During his tenure, the company has grown to become the largest distributor of public hydrocarbon drilling programs in the United States. 

Its Investor Relations Department, which he established, receives annual praise from the broker/dealer community as the best in the business.  Mr. Seligman co-founded Gulf South in June 2008 and serves as President and Director.  Mr. Seligman will devote approximately 50% of his professional time to the business and affairs of the managing general partner and Gulf South Operators, Inc. until such time as Gulf South is ready to commence a national marketing effort, at which time, Mr. Seligman will devote all of his time to the affairs of the company.


Thomas H. Fitzgerald Jr:  Director since 1987

Mr. Fitzgerald received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut in 1956, and has completed studies in International Banking and Foreign Exchange at New York University Graduate School of Business Administration.  He served two years, 1956 – 1958 in Korea as a paratroop-lieutenant.  Mr. Fitzgerald entered the investment business as special assistant to the late Gerald M. Loeb, then a partner of E. F. Hutton & Company, New York.  He later worked as consultant to David Dreman, world-renown investment manager and author of the best-sellers, “Contrarian Investment Strategy” and “Psychology and The Stock Market”. 

Mr. Fitzgerald is President and beginning in 1982 Chief Investment Officer/Portfolio Manager of the firm that bears his father’s name.  The firm was founded in New York in 1959.  Mr. Fitzgerald was a founding principal and the first editor of The Money Market Directory, the world’s foremost reference authority on U.S. institutional investors and their portfolio managers.  He is a member of the American Finance Association, the Presidents Council of the American Institute of Management and the Marker Technicians Association.




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